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Katosi Women Development Trust

"The Future in our hands"

Empowering women to engage in social economic development

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Gender and cultural Equality
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Enhancing engagement

In social, economic and political Development processes
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Donation Causes

Bicycle for a woman

68$ will provide a bicycle for a woman easing transportation of fodder from small scattered gardens and providing transport for the whole family.

$ 68Needed
Household Bio sand filter

56$ will provide a bio sand filter for a household of between 7-10 people, enabling them access safe drinking water with minimal or no maintenance costs.

$ 56Needed
Small business loan

100$ will provide a loan to a woman to start a small business and this will revolve to benefit more 2 women every year.

$ 100Needed
Household Latrine

273$ will provide a latrine to a household.

$ 273Needed
Shallow well to a village

1800$ will provide a shallow well to a village benefiting over 800 community members.

$ 1800Needed
Rain water harvesting tank

394$ will provide a rain water harvesting tank of 8000ltrs to a household increasing their access to clean water and more time for women to engage in productive activities.

$ 394Needed
Childrens school tank

1130$ will provide a school tank of 20.000ltrs and this will benefit over 500 children.

$ 1130Needed
Milking cow for a household

656$ will provide a household with a milking cow, creating daily income of 1.3 $, from the sale of milk, as well as manure from the use of cow dung and urine.

$ 656Needed