After a rigorous and competitive selection process, two dedicated members of Katosi Women Development Trust were chosen from 300 contestant to be among the 20 women from Uganda to participate in the International Programme for Ugandan Rural Women of Farmer-Based Organizations (FBOs) by the German Association of Rural Women (dlv). This remarkable opportunity is a significant milestone for these women and KWDT as a whole, and it exemplifies the organization’s commitment to empowering rural women in Uganda.

The International Programme for Ugandan Rural Women of FBOs, organized by the German Association of Rural Women (dlv), is designed to empower and equip rural women in Uganda with the essential skills and knowledge they need to take on leadership roles within their communities. The program specifically focuses on strengthening female leadership skills, enhancing knowledge about effective lobbying and advocacy, and providing rural women with a platform to raise their voices in the agriculture and food sector.

Rural women in Uganda often face numerous challenges, including limited access to education and resources. The International Programme aims to change this by empowering them to become influential figures in their communities. Through the acquisition of vital leadership skills and knowledge about advocacy, the selected participants will be better prepared to lead and support Farmer-Based Organizations in their localities. This program represents a crucial step towards achieving gender equality and improved representation for rural women in the agriculture and food sectors.

One of the most exciting aspects of the program is the opportunity for the selected participants to engage in a cultural exchange with rural women in Germany. By doing so, they will gain invaluable insights into the structure and activities of the German Association of Rural Women (dlv). This exchange promises to be an enriching experience that fosters cross-cultural understanding and collaboration between the two nations.

The Programme is a remarkable opportunity that demonstrates the dedication of KWDT to empower rural women in Uganda. Through this program, the selected members will acquire vital skills, knowledge, and international perspectives that will contribute to the growth and development of Farmer-Based Organizations in Uganda. We look forward to hearing about their experiences and the positive changes they will undoubtedly bring back to their communities. KWDT members, Berlin receives our women, but in return, Germany will receive the jewels of KWDT.

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